Https:// Kodi Error Streaming Athorization

In this tutorial we want to give the full guidance for every openload users who are facing olpair streaming authorization issue. Actually, we have been using the kodi software since many years ago simultaneously we have been coming with the best solutions to solve different issues of the kodi pairing system what ever the users ask.

In this tutorial we are concentrating on the how to pair https:// with openload server with your latest and all other kodi software versions. If you are also searching for this solution then just follow the below suggestions. We guarantee the below process will help you a lot and you can completely fix olpair and openload server errors on kodi.

What Is Https Olpair Com Error

While watching your favourite videos on your kodi software there were so many interrupting pop ups and unwanted stuff would have come. Isn’t it? so at those times you have to approach the server like openload pair.

So, after go to the official website, you will get the paring option and then you have to pair your device IP address with your Wifi IP address.  This process we do when we get a pop up  i.e, “Stream Authorization Required ” error on kodi. This is the https // /pair error.  That means your kodi not working. At those times you have to fix this error by using the below solutions.

Warning: Whatever the site which you want to validate your’s device IP address may change as per the providers like https:// So to fix the olpair kodi or openload pair error you must pair your Kodi device IP Address by using the below methods.

How To Fix Olpair & Openload Error On Kodi 2018

Precaution: We Are using the copyright content on kodi, So there must be a chance to track your illegal activity and they will find your location and send some legal copyright notices to you. So to be in an anonymous zone you have to use the best VPN service ever and we suggest you to use IP Vanish and it is available for very less cost while they are providing some special discount on it.

There are three methods to fix this https // /pair error 2018, such as stream authorization, hosters with captchas and configuring with url resolver. If you use these methods you won’t be getting this openload pairing not working error in future on your kodi software.

How To Fix Https:// stream authorization Error

Actually this error would come while they were trying to watch a movie on their kodi software in any version. The below steps are the simple and easy to follow on your kodi software while you want to fix this olpair stream authorization error.

  • Go to “Kodi Home Screen” > Select your “Favourite Addon” to watch a movie > Now click on any “Movie Name”
  • Here you will get a pop up which says “To Play This Video Authorization Is Required”

Important Note: Here you must have to check the internet connection i.e, your kodi device and your olpair website must have connected to the same wifi connection or not, if not you should convert them to connect the same wifi network. (Suppose you are using the kodi on firestick and that was connected to your personnel WIFI network then the device like mobile, tablet should be connected to the same WIFI connection)  

(We also suggesting you to open this olpair website in a private browser because it delivers some bad advertisements)

  • Now you must have to visit and then you will see you  “IP Address”
  • Give a tick mark in the small box “I am Not A Robot” (Human Verification)
  • Finally click on “Pair” to be paired both device and olpair IP addresses
  • Then you will get “Pairing Successful” pop up

Now you can use your kodi addons to watch your favourite videos until you reach the four hours duration.

How To Fix Stream Authorization Error

To fix the Stream Authorization error on your kodi you have to follow the below steps, This will give all your favourite videos back again. If you are facing this stream authorization required pop up then use the below steps.

  1. “Kodi Home Screen” > “Placenta or any other addon” > Chose your favourite “Movie”
  2. But the selected video will deliver a pop up as “Stream Authorization Required”
  3. So visit the “” official website and there you can collect your personnel “IP address”
  4. Confirm that you are a human being by give a tick mark in “I Am Not A Robot”
  5. Click on “Pair”

That’s it your device has paired successfully with the openload server IP address. Now you can stream your favourite videos with out any interrupting openload pop ups.

How To Fix https// By Using Hosters With Capcthas

Every kodi users are saying this method is working much better than the above stream authorization method. So you can try this method if the above method is irritating to follow. In this method you have to disable the Hosters with captchas option. Let me tell you how it is.

  1. From the “Kodi Home Screen” you have to select “Neptune Rising” (Any Favourite Addon)
  2. Click on “Tools” > Click on “Neptune Rising: Clear Cache” > Select “YES”
  3. Now go to the “Neptune Rising: Clear Providers” > Again select “YES”
  4. Now go to the “Settings: Playback” > Here you need to “Disable The Hosters With Captchas” option
  5. Then click on “OK” > Again go back to the “Kodi Home Screen” > Select “Neptune Rising” or any other “Addon”
  6. Click on “Movies” > “Oscar Winners” > click on “Any Movie” >
  7. Here you can see a “List of Openload Links”, So select “Any one of Them”
  8. That’s it it will deliver your “Selected Movie Withourt any Interruptions”

Now you can stream your favourite videos at any time with a limited duration i.e, four hours with no cost. This method has no scam in it. You can follow and watch your favourite videos on your favourite addons.

Fix Using URL Resolver On Kodi

The URL resolver is also a type of addon and it can make all other kodi addons to work with the best streaming videos and it is working behind of the kodi software and it can make all url’s to not break and to do not expire. Let’s get started.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software” > Click on the “Settings” cog > Then click on the “System Settings” > Scroll down to hit “Basic”
  2. Make that “Basic” option to “Expert” mode (By clicking twice or thrice)
  3. From the top of the screen you have to select “Addons”
  4. Click on “Manage Dependencies” from the right side of the screen
  5. Search from “URL Resolver” and “Click” on that
  6. Select “Configure” > Hit on “Resolvers 4” > Here you must have to “Disable The Priority” option > Click on “OK”
  7. Now come back to the “Kodi Home Screen” > Click on “Addons” > Select your favourite “Addon” (Covenant)
  8. Hit on “Movies” > Select “Most Populer” > Hit on “Any Movie” > Now click on the “Source Which is not showing Openload”
  9. Now you can watch your “Favourite Movie”

This method is known as “URL Resolver”, if you follow the above steps then you won’t be getting any kind of no stream available error and other not working issues on your kodi. So use this method.

How To Fix On Firestick

There is nothing to say about olpair firestick, because the best thing you need to do is first of all “Install the Kodi” software on your firestick and then follow the same procedure whatever we have shown the above.

Is Olpair Safe To Use On Kodi & Firestick

Of course Not Safe! Why because we are giving our device IP address to pair with the unknown server’s IP address, so there is a chance to lose our personnel data. So we must know about Safe before use it on our kodi.

But we have a solution to use olpair with safely and the solution is to be in a safe side get a “VPN” service and this can hide your IP address at any restricted areas and you can stay in a safe zone by hiding your IP address at any where.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks of olpair

The olpair server has advantages and also some disadvantages. Now we are going to mention all the benifits as well as drawbacks of this openload server. Let me start with the benefits of this and then we will go for its drawbacks.

Benefits Of

  1. It can allow you to watch all kind of videos on your kodi addons with out giving any hassel and for free of cost
  2. You can use its service up to “Four Hours”
  3. You no need to “Pay Money” its all time free service

Drawbacks Of

The only disadvantage it has is “You can not use its service after expiring its four Hours Duration”

What Is The Solution To Get Unlimited Video Streaming

Basically, every openload kodi users can get four hours service to stream their favourite videos with out getting any interrupting ads in middle of the video. But most of the kodi users are aspiring to get unlimited time to watch their favourite videos at any area/country.

To those users we have got a best alternative product to change your “IP addresses” for every four hours automatically. The product name is Virtual Private Network (VPN) , so to get the unlimited time to stream kodi videos you have to use the IP vanish it is the best and very cheap VPN product. It can hide your device IP address to prevent your kodi from the various copy right content issues.

https olpair com ( review

This olpair server has been giving its service since few years and every kodi users are getting much benefits from it, except some users who doesn’t know how to use its service. We asked some users who are using this openload server to watch their favourite videos and we have get some interesting aspects of review. So let me tell you them.

Every user is saying one common aspect and that aspect is “The olpair server is giving the best service ever and it can hide the IP address up to the four hours of its service. But after reaching its four hours duration we have to change the IP address for that we need to repeat stream authorization method for every four hours.”

But its better to use a good VPN service because it won’t interrupt for every four hours and it can automatically change the ip address for every four hours.

Final Words About

The olpair website https:// will give you the best way to pair your device IP address with its IP address, once you have finished the pairing procedure you can get the four hours duration service to watch all kind of videos on your favourite addons.

If you feel this article is help full to you and also for your families then share this information to them also. To give any feed back or to ask queries about the olpair, you have to leave a comment below and we will give a reply with the best solution.