(Openload co pair) FAQs

From the below lines we are going to mention about some queries which are frequently asked by the olpair users, you can read them from the below lines and get the answers instantly.

1. How to get rid of Openload ads while pairing?

When browsing is interrupted due to OpenLoad ads while pairing may not only be irritating but generally risky. An accidental click to any of the pop-up ads will compromise your device system or network. To get rid of this, you need to install a reliable anti-malware that will automatically stop these ads from popping up while pairing after scanning.

2. How do I get rid of Olpair?

There are several ways on how to get rid of and the steps below will show you how to get rid from Google Chrome:

  • Open “Google Chrome”
  • Click “Menu icon” at the top right corner
  • Select “Tools then Extension”
  • Select “”
  • Click the “Trash icon to delete”
  • Click the “Menu Icon” again
  • Select Settings then Manage Search Engines below the Search section
  • Click ‘X’ to remove malicious URLs and choose only Google or preferred domain name
  • Reset Google Chrome
  • Scroll down and click Reset Browser Settings
  • Click Reset to complete removal

3. How to turn off Olpair notifications in my browser?

Here are the ways to turn off or stop receiving notifications from your browser:

  • Open the Chrome app
  • Tap More located at the right of the address bar
  • Click and open Settings
  • Click Site settings and look for pop-ups
  • Change pop-ups from Allowed to Block.

4. How do I turn on VPN on Firestick?

Here’s how to install VPN on your Firestick:

  • Open the Home screen
  • Go to Apps, then Categories and Utility

another option is to run a search for VPN

  • Select the type of VPN you wish to use

Note: IPVanish VPN is preferrable

  • Next to Get is a yellow button where you need to click it to download and install the app
  • On the same page, click the yellow button next to Open to launch the VPN
  • Enter your VPN account (IPVanish) username and password
  • Click Log in
  • Click the Connect button to instantly connect to the VPN or you might wish to select a server

5. Way to disable my kodi?

There are 3 ways on how to disable, in my kodi:

  • Stream Authorization
  • Hosters with Captchas
  • Using URL Resolver

6. Which is the best method to fix olpair stream authorization in kodi?

Here are the steps on how to fix Olpair stream authorization in Kodi:

  • Open the web browser
  • Type in the URL which is shown in your Kodi pop-up window
  • Click Active Streaming
  • You will receive a message which says, “Your IP has been authenticated for 4 hours”
  • Continue streaming for 4 hours

7. I am using kodi in firestick, so how can i pair my device with olpair?

Below is the method on how to pair with Olpair using Kodi in Firestick:

  • Go to Firestick Settings
  • Select my Fire TV option
  • Go to Developer option
  • Enable USB debugging then select Allow Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Go back to Firestick home
  • Choose the Search option
  • Find Silk Browser
  • Choose Download
  • Open the Silk browser
  • Type on the address bar

Note: You must enable a VPN before entering the URL

  • Solve the “I’m not a Robot” captcha
  • Select Pair
  • Go back to Home
  • You have paired successfully and will enjoy streaming with no interruption for the next four hours.

8. Yes there any alternate method to fix olpair issue excluding streaming authorization?

Other methods to fix error issues apart from streaming authorization are:

  • Disabling the Hosters with Captchas; and
  • Using URL resolver

9. How to unpair my device from Olpair?

Here are the ways on how to unpair from windows:

  • Click Start
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to Programs and Features
  • Click Remove Programs
  • Click Uninstall
  • Click OK to save changes

Note: for Windows 8 or Windows 10 users, right click the lower left corner of the computer screen. Then Quick Access shows up, click Control panel and Uninstall Program.

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