How to Fix Olpair Stream Authorization in Firestick

Are you experiencing Openload pair Firestick error when trying to access content from Olpair? The pair error you are encountering is not actually an error but a requirement to stream video from OpenLoad. In exchange for quality content, you need to pair your Firestick and passed through verification process that you are human and not a script or bot. Remember that the traffic is not only generated by humans but automated requests by scripts and bots. After verifying that you are human, you’ll gain access to Olpair content.

How to Fix Olpair Kodi Firestick Streaming Authorization Error

To get rid of messages like stream authorization error when Openload pair or olpair Firestick, you need first to pair your IP address. To do this, here’s how:

  1. First you need to install silk browser in firestick through amazon app in firestick then start following below steps
  2. Open the “Silk browser” on your firestick and visit this link
  3. Click the checkbox which says “I’m not a robot”.
  4. A verification will popup. Selecting the right images will complete the verification process.
  5. A “green check mark” will be shown before the ‘I’m not a robot’ text after the verification process is successful.
  6. Click the “Pair” button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Once the pairing with olpair firestick is successful, you’ll receive a message which says “Pairing Successful’.

Your IP address has been successfully paired with olpair that will last for four hours. You can now enjoy streaming from Olpair. After the 4 hours elapsed, you need to pair again.

How to Fix Olpair Kodi Firestick Streaming Authorization Error through Disabling Hosters with Captchas

Another way of avoiding the pairing error is through disabling the option hosters with captchas but you must remember that quality streams from OpenLoad might be missed out. If you still want to avoid the openload pair firestick error through this method, here’s how:

  1. Go to Kodi homescreen
  2. Open the Add-ons then select Video Add-ons
  3. Scroll down and select Tools
  4. Select Settings: Playback
  5. Click Playback option on the left
  6. At the File Hosting Filters section, scroll down and disable Hosters with Captchas through clicking the toggle

Now that captcha authorization has been removed, you can continue streaming your favorite movies or videos without facing pairing error.

Another way of avoiding security and privacy issues against streaming content from Olpair is through using a reliable VPN service. Your online activities cannot be tracked because your internet traffic is being routed to a different IP address. Through resolving the OpenLoad pair Firestick issues will boost your streaming experience!

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