Fix Olpair Not working On Kodi (Tested Solution)

Olpair, its a great server which can deliver your favourite videos with out giving any interrupting ads while you were watching your favourite videos on your kodi software through the any addon. It is nice! but the only one bad news is to every openload users is this Olpair is not working properly.

So in this article we are giving the best solution to your query, Actually, to solve this not working issue you have different kinds of solutions but those various solutions some are not working properly and we gathered three methods which are working properly and giving the best solution to this issue. Let me show you them now.

How Do We Get This Olpair pairing Not Working Issue

Actually, whenever we were trying to watch a movie through an of the updated addon, we will get a pop up which says to play this video stream authorization is required, so we have to go to the olpair official website¬†http // pair and then copy the IP address from there and then click on “Pair” option.

Again you will get a olpair is not working issue, so this is the reason why we get this not working issue frequently on our kodi software while pairing with the openload pairing . But how can we solve this Olpair Not Working Issue by using Is olpair safe method

Why Do We Have To Use http // pair

As we all knew the kodi software is keep updating its content through the various addons, as usual the content is updating at the same time the users also increasing to enjoy the kodi’s latest content through the different updated addons. But the kodi couldn’t sustain this traffic from the various countries. That’s why they had to introduce this pairing system for every kodi users.

How To Solve The Olpair (openload) Not Working

We can solve this issue by changing the different settings on our kodi software. The settings can be changed by using the different methods. Now we are giving those methods from the below lines and you can solve them as soon as possible.

1. Hosters With Captchas

With this method you have to do is Turn Off The “Hosters With Capcthas” option in your kodi software. You must use this method to stream your favorite videos by paring with the olpair server IP address.

2. Stream Authorization Method

To stream your favorite videos you have to authorize your device IP address with the latest server IP address and the server is http // pair. You have to pair your device IP address by using this method.

3. Use The URL Resolver On Your Kodi

If you use the URL resolver on your kodi software then all other url addresses while will keep updating background of your kodi software, but it can not make the url’s to correct address from the wrong url which you have entered while pairing this Olpair on your kodi. So you must have to enter a perfect URL address.

If you want Above 3 methods solutions you can visit here

With the above three methods you can solve this Olpair Not Working Error on your kodi software.

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